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The most notorious BBQ league in Malta!!


Ramses is 31 years old and works as a Police officer. His passion for cooking began when he was 15 years old. This was when he worked behind the bar in a restaurant and expressed the desire to work in the kitchen, thus his employer gave him this opportunity. After finishing secondary school Ramses

enrolled at ITS…
Ruben is 47 years old and works as an instructor and aviation officer. He has been cooking for the last 40 years and his ambition is to one day go

into space and cook for Richard Branson and Elon Musk!

Ramses and Ruben met on the programme and although they did not know each other before, the production team invited them to team up. When the participants were deliberating about their choices for team names, they combined their name initials and therefore came up with "RR GOURMET".

RR Gourmet (1).png
Yes Boss.png
Yes Boss.png


With us we have Mark, he is 37 years old and  is a chef! Since he was young, Mark would try to cook, experiment and try new ingredients and various recipes, so he started working in the kitchen at the age of 17. Mark was enrolled in the competition by his nephew Irvine....
Irvine is his nephew. He is 17 years old and entered this competition because he believes he can gain more experience, and since his uncle Mark is a chef, he seized the opportunity! When he was younger he used to watch his grandfather and uncle cook and he started to feel a love for cooking. Irvine is currently studying at ITS and is in his 2nd year.
Mark and Irvine had moments where they worked together in the kitchen and they think that the workers responded to them as 'Yes Boss' and it remained engraved as a phrase they say to each other, thus they named their team 'Yes Boss'

Up in Smoke (4).png


Renton is 22 years old and works as a

system administrator. His job has nothing to do with cooking and he is a car enthusiast, but occasionally also likes to throw something on the BBQ,

which is why he decided to participate in BBQ League.
Ramses is 23 years old and self

employed. Ramses also likes to cook especially on the BBQ... and might be slightly more experiences than his friend Renton.
Renton and Ramses did not use the first letters of their names to name the team, but kept it related to BBQ. They decided to incorporate the smoke that is usually inhaled while grilling on a BBQ, so they chose to name their team 'UP IN SMOKE'

Up in Smoke (7).png
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