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Bolt Food Stores, there for you in 60 min or less!

One of my earliest memories is of my mother picking me up and putting me in a shopping cart so that we could buy our weekly groceries. She would go through each aisle, add goods to her cart and tick items off her list while I examined them. She knew exactly where everything was and that she needed to speed up in the candy section to avoid a sugar high from her 5 year old son.

So much has changed since my mother loaded me into that shopping cart - we have found new and innovative ways to do our shopping online! Hours spent looking for specific items, finding parking and long cues have given way to faster, cheaper and more efficient ways to fill our grocery baskets.

At Bolt Food Malta we are proud that we have been able to play a role in innovating the grocery sector! The Bolt Food App is there for you for every occasion: if you’ve forgotten a birthday, need some meat for a BBQ, want some beers at the beach or need some extra snacks before your friends arrive, we’ll make sure it’s delivered to you within 60 minutes or less!

We have an amazing selection of grocery stores on the Bolt Food App including Maypole, Greens, Smart, Arkadia and Miracle Foods to name a few! We have also introduced new specialty stores to the app for everything you can think of from Gaming Stores, Pet Stores, Liquor Stores, Bakeries to Makeup and Perfumaries.

Our nation's hungry appetite has helped small restaurants and stores stay open despite the Covid-19 pandemic and has seen families of all shapes and sizes and even a few nanniet join the Bolt Food family. We even got Sarah Zerafa excited about all the different things you can find in our store category - go check out her Instagram page to see all the interesting things she found on our app!

As we continue to look to the future we have some exciting news to share! During the last week of the month from August to October you will be able to order your groceries on the Bolt Food App at a reduced delivery fee! We will fill fridges across Malta with newly added grocery stores and make sure there are some great combo deals for all your beach days and after-midnight snack and booze needs!

Bolt Global has also just closed its last funding run by raising €600M in investment funding to increase our grocery offering worldwide! We will be making some great changes to the app to make grocery shopping much easier and more efficient, so that you can find whatever you need at lightning speed!

My mum no longer has to spend hours in the store to find what she needs and these days she enjoys her Saturday’s a lot more now that she orders her groceries from Bolt Food and so can you!

Our pledge is to continue to partner up with great stores to bring you great value for your stomach and your wallet and to make sure Bolt Food is there for you for every occasion in 60 minutes or less!

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