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Herbs & Spices

From pepper pioneers in the 1930’s to an extensive range of herbs and spices in 2020’s, nowadays, Lamb Brand offer over 100 types of herbs, spices, seasonings, and pepper.

The good thing about their herbs and spices is that they come colour coded, thus makes it easier for the consumer to identify their four different categories. Green for Herbs, Orange for Spices, Purple for Seasonings and Black for Pepper.

And this is not all since their packaging comes with a double sealed lid; a flapper cap plus a bottle foil seal which makes it more convenient as it prevents the strong flavour from dissipating and obviously it is more hygienic.

The cap features two pour openings, including a shaker style dispenser for controlling the amount of product being used while the other side features a larger, quick-pour opening.

If you are truly a fresh pepper lover, Lamb Brand got you covered, since their whole peppercorn tubes come with a grinding cap too.

All Lamb Brand herbs and spices are carefully selected, since these products are free of any genetically modified organisms and no added MSG.

A tiny amount of spice can dramatically alter a dish, adding distinctive flavours to bland ingredients. So next time round, at your local store, don’t forget to add Lamb Brand Herbs and Spices to your shopping basket and get that marinade or rub done for a pleasurable BBQ night!

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