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Learn how to make cocktails!

The goal of Bevicurious Rummy is to get rid of all your cards before your opponent does. This android application is free and can be downloaded from Google play store.

This is like the rummy game. However, instead of forming a suite with numbers, players need to form a cocktail recipe, in case players are not familiar with the recipes, by clicking on the question mark(?) a list of recipes will pop down to allow the player to see which cards to use and which cards to discard.

Once the cards are finished by forming the recipes, the remaining cards have a value equal to their face value. Whoever has 100 points first is the loser.

Bevicurious Rummy is fun, challenging, and educational. We encourage you to follow our facebook page where you find a lot of drinks and cocktails related topics, as well as weekly competitions related to Bevicurious rummy , or any updates on Bevicurious rummy.

Bevicurious rummy was created by Richard Pons, and software developer. Luke Bjorn Scerri.

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