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The name Mighty represents tiny nutritional powerhouses called nuts. They not just taste heavenly, but they are loaded with lots of healthy nutrients. Their belief is that nuts should always be fresh and of superior quality and to sustain their belief Mighty Nuts come packed in high barrier doypacks.

Getting your daily dose of nuts is much easier than you think as Mighty is available in 9 different varieties and in two different sizes: Snack Size and Bigger Pack size. For an energizing pick-me-up or post-workout snack, Mighty small packs are the ideal size. And for those serious nut lovers who adds nuts in every single bite, then the bigger packs are the ones for you. They even come with a zip lock to guarantee product freshness even after opening.

Looking for ways to incorporate more nuts to your diet? Mighty got your covered! Jump-start your day by adding Fruit & Nut mixes to your breakfast or toss a handful of unsalted nuts over salads for a delicious nutty crunch. Tantalize your taste buds with a Hot ’n Spicy Mix or simply kick back and relax over a pint with salted peanuts on the side.

Mighty nuts are sure to fulfil any requisition and watch out their space as they’re bout to become Mightier 😊

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