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The Malta BBQ LEAGUE starts soon

We are days away from starting this year's edition of the MALTA BBQ LEAGUE, a competition that started last year and has been attracting more teams this year.


This year the competition is open to anyone. You can just be an enthusiast or a professional chef...this does not matter!! what matters is what will go on the display plate at the end of the programme.

Judges won't even know which team cooked which plate. This we have introduced this year, making sure that we give teams and equal playing field. No pre-judgment can take place with this system.

The programme will still have a professional chef or advisor who will be passing comments to our competitors while they cook. The expert will also give tips to all those watching the series in order to level up the BBQ experience here in Malta.

Applications are still out - do not miss this opportunity to lift up THE MALTA BBQ LEAGUE trophy! APPLY NOW -

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