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To cook or not to cook?

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

We all know that feeling: Finally coming home after a long exhausting day, a bit tired, but also very, very hungry, and then the question of the questions arises. To cook or not to cook? Some of us, the lucky ones, might have some leftovers from the days before and the issue resolves itself. In most cases, however, we have to make some difficult decisions.

What are our options?

Well, if we are not living in an “ideal universe” with our very own chef at home, our options really depend on our lifestyle. But the average set of options is usually: either we cook or we get takeaway/delivery from Bolt Food for dinner. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages.

Cooking is often (if not always) the healthier option and sometimes more affordable, while takeaway or delivery is the most convenient alternative. The downside of cooking is though, that you have to invest time in it. Often, when we are tired after a long and hard day at work, we sometimes just don’t have the inspiration, mood, or energy to cook.

The upside of getting your food delivered by Bolt Food is that you don’t really have to worry about anything else, not about checking and buying the ingredients you need, nor about keeping the recipe in mind. You can invest more time in other things, like playing with your kids, watching a movie. The downside is that you usually would spend more money on getting your favorite food delivered.

So is there a universal answer to the important question “To cook or not to cook?” Well, there is a middle ground. Many of us usually just spontaneously decide when and what we are going to eat or order. Usually, the thought process starts after we arrive home from work. This brings a lot of uncertainty, time waste, and inconvenience with it. A possible solution to that might be to plan your weekly “meal schedule” in advance and act accordingly. You might want to treat yourself on weekends and decide that you might use the Bolt Food app more and cook less at the end of the week. Or the contrary, you might decide that during the week, after work, you are more likely to be tired and therefore plan to order from your favorite restaurants.

There is one thing, however, we all can agree on: Bolt Food makes our life's easier, whether you go crazy with ordering every day or just occasionally - it is always good to know that we have the option to get anything we want, from groceries (Bolt Food recently launched Pama on the App) to food and toys for your pets to any possible cuisine, from the exotic Vietnamese, Thai and Indian, to the more traditional Maltese, Italian and the Mediterranean, all you need to do is just to click a few buttons and relax.

Written by Pavel Pogodin, digital marketing manager.

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