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What are we after?

Following last year's successful run of THE MALTA BBQ LEAGUE, here comes season 2, with yet another exciting adventure for the final 16 teams that will take part.

The final prize is that of €5000 but the honour of being Malta's champion goes way further than that.

As a production house we were never expecting the level and passion we had in our first edition. The teams were all indulged into making something special. Here are some of the questions we are bombarded with prior to the competition starting.

Do i need experience?

NO! what you need is practice, passion and a great element of fun. Preparation is also key in this competition and the way the gameplay is planned, will definitely allow time for preparation especially in the initial stages of the league. You might be playing against professional chefs...however BBQ is such an open contest that even the best might need to stay humble.

What do i need to get?

Nothing!! everything will be at your station. the 4 kitchens will be equipped with all the necessary utensils and other tools for you to carry out your cooking.

Who are the judges?

A professional chef will be supervising the floor while teams are cooking. The Chef will have a vote at the end. The final plate will be displayed infront of 3 judges who won't know the team and won't be seeing the plates being prepared. This will ensure that the judging is just based on taste, theme and presentation. The judges would need to award points to each and every numbered plate infront of them.

How to apply?

the application process is quite straight forward. Travel to our application page by pressing this link -

steps -

  1. find a buddy

  2. Apply

  3. Get your apron and colour

  4. Get ready to GRILL

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