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Why should I try plant milk?

Although plant milks have been consumed for centuries in various cultures, their popularity has skyrocketed over the past years. People choose plant milk over dairy milk for a number of reasons, whether it is for their nutritional values, animal-welfare reasons, sustainability, lactose and dairy allergens or simply out of preference.

When it comes to plant-based drinks, NATRUE offers 10 different varieties all with unique textures, tastes and benefits and what makes them unique from other brands is that they truly believe that LESS IS MORE and that their main ingredient is highest quality mountain water from Montseny Natural Park.

Their philosophy is to use minimum ingredients during production stage, saying NO to added sugar and NO to additives which are substituted with unique technologies and innovative spirit.

This is also backed up with respecting ingredients to the fullest, since Natrue drinks are made of highest quality whole grain fruits and nuts without the use of flours, gums, or artificial ingredients. Only by doing this, Natrue ensures the best quality and taste.

Next time round at your local store, grab Natrue and give these Clean Label plant milks a try!

Choose from:


Oat + Calcium


Oat & Almond






Barista Oat

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